• – What is the minimum age requirement for a patient wanting Clearguide treatment?

    No official minimum age, but all permanent dentition must be through.

  • – Do I have to use specific impression trays?

    They must NOT be metal trays.

  • – Are the aligners scalloped?

    They are not scalloped. They are trimmed to the top of the tooth line.

  • Where does the responsibility lie if a case does not follow the desired path?

    – Clearguide cases are not overseen by orthodontists. It is the dentist’s responsibility to produce a treatment plan and also provide a consent contract to their patients.

    – Training is provided on how to use the Insignia smile design software, but we do not offer any clinical guidance.

  • – Must OPG’s be provided due to litigation, root resorption from over torquing etc.?

    If the dentist is concerned about this they should still take the OPG’s, keep on record and send to Clearguide, but it isn’t necessary for the case to be set up.

  • – Are retainers offered as part of the treatment?

    Retainers are not currently available and it is suggested to use the final aligner for retention. Retainers may become available in the future and all customers will be kept aware of any updates.

  • – Is it possible to extrude teeth during treatment with Clearguide Aligners?

    At present teeth cannot be extruded but can intrude an opposing incisal edge – extruding capability coming in next few months.