Insignia Clearguide Express

Insignia Clearguide Express – The Next Big Thing?

Optident Labline is working with Ormco to bring Insignia Clearguide Express – a clear aligner system for minor anterior movements – to general practitioners

Insignia Clearguide Express is a new line of affordable orthodontic aligners, launched by Optident Labline along with Ormco. The product is designed to offer an effective treatment for patients requiring minor anterior tooth movements. With Insignia Clearguide Express, clinicians have full control of patients’ smile design for exact anterior tooth movement using clear, aesthetically pleasing aligners.

Insignia Clearguide ExpressInsignia Clearguide Express is initiated through the use of Insignia, Ormco’s 3D interactive smile design software. Once the initial case has been uploaded, a qualified expert team will present a recommended optimal result. Clinicians can then custom design the patient’s final smile with the Insignia software, taking into consideration unique facial features and their own treatment preferences. They can affect changes to a tooth’s position including tip, torque, rotation, in/out, occlusal/gingival, and mesial/distal. Changes made are reviewed by an Insignia Smile Design Technician and then forwarded back to the dentist for review and final approval. The resulting Clearguide Express aligners are tailor made by experienced technicians to produce predictable finishes efficiently. This high-technology solution provides patients with a 3D video morph of their final smile that can be viewed before starting treatment, increasing patient confidence and understanding of the orthodontic process.

To ensure proper progression of tooth movement, Insignia Clearguide Express utilises a unique Heat N Bite technology as a self-checking mechanism, which evaluates progress at mid-treatment. Subsequent sets of aligners are custom crafted to achieve remaining treatment goals, ensuring the patient stays on course to achieving their optimal result, avoiding costly and time consuming refinements.

Treatment Choices

Clearguide Heat n Bite
With a choice of treatment choices available, including single and dual arch options, Insignia Clearguide Express enables a wider range of case selection. Single arch cases can be built to satisfy patients who require high aesthetics, but who may also need fixed appliance treatment on the opposing arch. This simple system also provides a perfect foundation prior to placing veneers, for a minimally invasive approach to smile design.

Today’s orthodontic patients desire quick, comfortable and unobtrusive treatment solutions for the prefect smile. Clearguide Express expands clinicians’ offerings to meet patient demands with clear aligners that have no visible manufacturing striations and won’t discolour over the wear period. Each Insignia Clearguide Express tray garners up to 2.5mm of movement per tooth over a succession of up to 10 aligner sets.

Guided Instruction

Insignia Clearguide Express puts design control in the clinician’s hands, but not without the support needed to design great cases. Whether dentists are new to Insignia or desire a refresh on the newest features of the software, ‘phased’ training is offered that works with the clinician’s schedule to meet specific needs in the most convenient way.

Unlike other systems, with Insignia Clearguide Express there are no course certification or annual education requirements, no minimum case requirements and no start-up or licensing costs.

Optident Labline is introducing this new line of orthodontic aligners to the GDP market, while Ormco will remain responsible for Clearguide within the orthodontic field. With Insignia Clearguide Express, the clinician has unprecedented control to manipulate patient cases and design the smiles with precise positioning. Insignia technology, coupled with the innovative Heat N Bite self- check mechanism, allows orthodontists to meet today’s patient requirements and provide predictable outcomes every time.

Insignia Clearguide Express is a new system now available in the UK through Optident Labline. Call today to receive your free Insignia case submission kit on 01943 886836

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